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Funding Criteria

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  • Children dealing with physical and mental illnesses under the age of 18 whose families are not economically able meet the needs that the illness has created. 
  • This would include children of social assistance recipients, low income families and large families for whom the needs of a sick child can cause a financial burden. 
  • Financial assistance is limited to a one-time contribution, although additional help may be provided in unique circumstances where warranted and approved by a committee of health care professionals reporting to the Trust Fund. 
  • Financial grants do not require re-payment and are true gifts to the families in need. 
  • Applications for funding must be submitted by a social worker that has done a consultation assessment with the family and recommends funding be granted. 
  • Financial contributions are limited to $1,500 per gift. 
  • Requests are generally for a one time only “gift”. A variance of this policy will be considered when recommended by the funding committee. 
  • Contributions will not be categorized. Any and all needs of the family or the child can be addressed by the Trust. This would include but not be limited to: educational equipment, health supplies, travel costs, accommodations, specialized treatments, and any other such activity as deemed necessary by the Funding Committee. 
  • The Trust will not provide funds for items covered under Canada’s universal Medicare System (MCP). 
  • The name of children, parents and/or guardians will not be used for the purposes of promotion without the express permission of the persons involved.